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My Fibriod journey- how I shrunk my fibriods

My Fibriod journey- how I shrunk my fibriods

In 2014, I got a shocker. I discovered through a scan that I was pregnant with fibriods. As a layman, I didn't know much about it. I was told fibriod was in every woman. It wasn't much of a concern till after I had the first miscarriage and subsequent ones.
Every scan I underwent pointed to the fact I had fibriods. One thing I noticed was that they kept increasing in Size and numbers. From one to multiple fibriods.
Fast forward to 2015
My period got heavier and more painful. Sometimes lasting as long as 2weeks. Obviously the quality of my life reduced. i went from hospital to hospital in search of a lasting solution. I also read about natural cure for fibriods because I didn't want to go the surgery route and secondly i knew a few people that their fibriods grew back and this time,  twice as before. I took so many of those medications. I did take apple cider vinegar with black molasses. I used the fohlow products, castor oil pack, alligator pepper therapy. None worked for me. It didnt even shrink it. My periods were still heavy and lasted longer.

At that time I was living in portharcourt with my husband. The struggle put a strain on my relationship because all I was thinking of was how to get rid of these monsters in my uterus. So in November of 2015, I was told to come to lagos.

A friend of mine had suggested i come to Lagos to see an ijaw woman who stays in ikorodu to help shrink my fibriods. This was when my journey to my healing started.  But it wasn't the ijaw woman. I met a friend who adviced me against going there because she herself had paid about over 250,000 naira, the fibriods didn't shrink and finally she had to go under the knife to have them removed.

I left Port-Harcourt for Lagos precisely on the with of November 2015 with the zeal that i am coming to get a permanent cure to the fibriods which will enable work on my marriage afterwards as well as help in retaining pregnancies.

If you are truly interested in shrinking your fibriods just like I did then follow my blog. Note that i am not yet there finally but I am seeing results. I do not have heavy flow, painful and long periods. Ib'll tell you everyday details you need. This is not a quick cure as many may think neither is it any magic. To shrink your fibriods means that you will devote your time and change your diet. You have to be disciplined and determined. Thankfully majority of what i use aren't so expensive and you can improvise your own if they are expensive or difficult to get them.  To shrink the fibriods in your uterus takes 9 months to 1 year  depending on some factors like if the fibriods in your uterus are multiple, your level of commitment to the program and how disciplined you are.  My next post coming up soon. Stay tuned
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